The founding aim of the Guild was to acquire land and—through labour, wind and water power—to bring it into useful production. The Guild's activities today are mainly focused around the Ruskin Collection in Sheffield and its woodlands and rural projects in the Wyre Forest. We also host symposia on issues of contemporary concern and publish a growing range of books and cards. More active than ever before, we continue to promote the value of art, craftsmanship and a sustainable rural economy, putting Ruskin's ideas into practice in the 21st century. We run our own ambitious projects, which you can read about on this site. We also work with our increasingly international membership and partner other organizations in order to encourage the advancement of Ruskin's aims and principles.


Why Ruskin Blog — Jim Spates

Why Ruskin introduces us "to the remarkable thought of the great 19th Century British Art and Social Critic, John Ruskin. Even though his is hardly a household name these days, it is my deep belief that Ruskin’s brilliant thought and carefully worked out ideas (always encased in glorious prose) still retain great relevancy for our modern days, offering “new” ways of thinking about and, quite possibly, alleviating or lessening many of the troubles which continue to beset us. But there is another level to Ruskin’s genius, his unparalleled ability to make the beauty of this world and life come alive in his paragraphs. I am hopeful that, after reading some of the posts here, you might come to agree with both assessments."


Brantwood - A Paradise of Art & Nature

A historic house, museum and vibrant centre for the arts, Ruskin’s former home has a wealth of things to see and do for the whole family. Brantwood offers a fascinating insight into the world of John Ruskin and the last 28 years of his life spent in the Lakes. Filled with many fine paintings, beautiful furniture and Ruskin’s personal treasures, the house retains the character of its famous resident. Our visitors are free to explore the rooms and house stewards are on hand to answer questions. There are a range of quizzes and activities for children to enjoy.


The Ruskin Library and Research Centre

The Ruskin Library and Research Centre brings together the work of the Ruskin Library and the Research Centre (formerly based in the University's English Department). The staff provide access to the collection of material housed there and organize all aspects of Ruskin research at Lancaster.