Becoming a Member of the Ruskin Art Club

Thank you for your interest in the historic Ruskin Art Club. We look forward to seeing you at our annual season of lectures, symposia, concerts, readings, workshops and social activities.

   Membership dues are payable annually on October 1, at the commencement of the annual season.  New members joining after April 1 do not to pay dues again until October 1 of the following year. As a tax exempt 501c(3) non-profit corporation, your contributions to the Ruskin Art Club are tax deductible to the full extent of the law.



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You are alternatively welcome to mail in your membership application. Click this link: Membership PDF  - download the document, print it, fill it out, and mail it with payment to the Ruskin Art Club


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Please consider giving a Gift Membership at any level. Some sponsored memberships are available for students.



Individual: $75 per year.

Family: $100 per year.

Entitles members to attend the annual calendar of Ruskin Art Club programs free of charge. On joining, members also receive two handsome booklets: “The History of the Ruskin Art Club” by Joseph Ryan and the essay “Why We Need Ruskin” by Gabriel Meyer Members also receive each year a copy of the annual “Ruskin” Lecture published by the Club and an annual membership card signed by the Ruskin Art Club president. In addition, the Club hosts a special members-only social event each year.

Students & Persons on Fixed incomes:  

Basic Membership, with all its benefits, is also available to students and persons on a fixed income at a reduced rate of $40 per year.


Individual: $150 per year.

Family: $200 per year.

The Ruskin Circle is for those who wish to be more actively engaged in the Ruskin Art Club’s mission to explore the connections between John Ruskin’s challenging artistic and social vision and the issues of our time. 

Ruskin Circle Members are entitled to all the benefits of basic membership. The Ruskin Circle meets informally in salon-like settings outside the framework of the annual calendar of events and programs. The Club hosts a special Ruskin Circle member reception each year.


One-Time Fee of $1000.


This is for those wishing to be more intimately involved with the support of the Ruskin Art Club’s work and mission. 

This one-time contribution entitles Life Members to all the benefits of basic membership, as well as those associated with the Ruskin Circle. 

Life Members are welcome to attend all the club’s social events each year, and are also invited to attend the annual meeting of the board of directors, if they wish, to offer suggestions and input to the decision-making process.