Political Theory — John Ruskin

Youtube series creators The School of Life describe how John Ruskin's main focus on beauty impacts political theory. 


Robert Hewison on John Ruskin

Cultural historian Robert Hewison on: John Ruskin's continuing relevance; the different roles he played during his life; the influences on his thinking; and his championing as an art critic of Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites.


John Ruskin: Artist and Observer -- a virtual tour

NGC Director Marc Mayer and Christopher Newall, a leading Ruskin scholar and the co-curator of John Ruskin: Artist and Observer take a walking tour of the exhibition and discuss the art and the man.


WRITTEN IN STONE: Ruskin and Venice

In collaboration with Save Venice — A lecture by Octavia Randolph. February 24, 2015

In December 2014 Octavia Randolph published her long-awaited novel, Light, Descending, about the English Victorian art critic John Ruskin. She writes of Venice and of Ruskin: “The city was so central to his world view and development of aesthetic theory that it must by nature occupy a signal place in his creative universe. It served as touchstone in his personal life as well; when he and Effie finally made their long-delayed wedding trip abroad Venice was the goal. Almost thirty years later, overwintering in the city, Ruskin descended into a grave psychological state marked by the hallucinations which would haunt him the remainder of his life. Yet as we know from his writings Venice symbolized the entirely of civilization to him, and wandering its calles he read not only the story of La Serenissima but the past and future of his own maritime empire, Britain.”